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At Rated 4 Kids, we believe you should be in the driver’s seat when it comes to what your children see and hear on the Internet. You, the parent. Not Apple. Not Google. Not your Internet service provider.

And we believe it should be easy to set up and maintain a safety system that can quickly and effectively protect every child on every Internet-connected device in your home, with just a few swipes of your finger. No software to install, ­no router settings to configure.

Until now, that has been nearly impossible.

Through a combination of hardware, cloud-based software and subscribers, Rated 4 Kids helps you protect your family from objectionable Internet content, backed up by online communities of like­minded people. Our goal is to provide a safe, kid-friendly online environment in every country, within every family, on every device, for every child.

With 300 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, we also believe you can’t do it alone. You do your part by rating an objectionable web page, video or image when you find it. And other subscribers do the same. That data is aggregated into a cloud-based media rating system. Best of all, any file with a URL (web address) can be rated. That means you don’t have to block an entire app, like Instagram, just because of a few unsavory pictures.

Our Product

Device and Features


Product Info

The Rated 4 Kids “brain” protects your entire house. Simply plug the device into your home router, configure a few settings, and you’re done. Or, set up advanced controls for kids with different ages. There’s no software to install. Rated 4 Kids works on every Internet-connected device in your home.

• One device protects your entire house
• Plug-and-play, easy installation and setup
• Works with all smartphones, tablets, handhelds, *any* wired/wireless device
• “Guest” access: ensure your kids’ friends (and their devices) are safe at your house
• NO software to install, no apps/updates to worry about

Staying Safe

Community-Authored Ratings


Power of Community

Hundreds of new websites and thousands of hours of video are published to the Internet every single minute. No one parent or manual ratings system can possibly keep up. But for every person uploading content to the Internet, there are tens of thousands of people viewing that content.

In short, there are more of us than there are of them. Many, many more. The Rated 4 Kids community will be able to review and rate content almost instantly, on a massive scale. It’s the same logic that beats spam in your email account. Once enough trusted users mark something as spam, it’s marked as spam for millions of other users on the system. The Rated 4 Kids system works much the same way. As our community grows, you’ll be able to leverage the ratings of users just like you, to make your family’s Internet experience the safest and best it can be!


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