September 18, 2015

About Us

Rated 4 Kids is about protecting children. More specifically, it’s about preserving their innocence. Today’s kids grow up faster than ever, with more access to information than could be imagined by the previous generation. As parents, we know children will become adults soon enough. All the more reason to let kids be kids while they can!

Our children should not have to fend for themselves in an online world that can be both overwhelming and pitiless. Parents need tools to empower their ability to make choices, and to defend the precious innocence of their children from the dark side of the Internet.


The mission of Rated 4 Kids is to create a healthier, safer world by giving parents the power to decide what Internet content their children experience.


We envision a global community of parents, teachers and concerned citizens, ­­ joined together through the power of technology ­­ to promote a 100% child­safe online environment, and to protect and preserve the innocence of children of all ages, around the world.



Brady Chatfield


Dan Tweddell


Philip Ireland